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Dark Harbor Southside Mix- 16OZ.

Dark Harbor Southside Mix- 16OZ.


No drink is clubbier than the Southside, and no club is more exclusive than Maine’s Dark Harbor Club.

Create your own members-only club by combining this luxurious libation with genuine gin, club soda, and freshly picked mint leaves for a salaciously social Southside. But remember, no club is ruined by who it keeps out...only by who it lets in. If despite your best efforts you find yourself cornered in a club that is not your own, take heart: if you consume enough of these, you’ll be able to tolerate even the most obnoxious club man. This Southside may not get you into the club, but it is guaranteed to get you into gin.

Dark Harbor Southside Mix contains 16 delicious ounces and creates 16 cocktails. 

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