The Shop  •  "Bloody Battle" Cocktail Mix Gift Set - 25OZ.

"Bloody Battle" Cocktail Mix Gift Set - 25OZ.

"Bloody Battle" Cocktail Mix Gift Set - 25OZ.


It's a Bloody Battle for the record books: St. Regis Red Snapper v. Hellfire Club. As one army sets up camp on Fifth Avenue loaded with cayenne, the other silently creeps in from the River Styx, serrano peppers at the ready. Assemble your troops before facing this friendly fire. To survive a battle this hot, mix oversized ice cubes with the best vodka you can find, and don't forget a trip to the commissary for pickled veggies. Hunker down and serve ‘em stiff, soldiers; we're in for a long brunch.

Each Mix contains 25 delicious ounces and creates 6-8 cocktails.

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