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Hellfire Club Bloody Mary Mix - 25OZ.

Hellfire Club Bloody Mary Mix - 25OZ.


This potent potion is the perfect base for the Bloodiest of Marys. Mix to taste with pure vodka from the land of the Tsars and celebrate Queen Mary I, the monarch who made martyrdom the must-have accessory of Tudor England. With the addition of pickled haricots verts or asparagus spears, it becomes an essential elixir to complete your balanced breakfast.

If your hangover is hitting south of the border, substitute a Mexican tequila for a bracing Bloody Maria that is so close to religious, you may find yourself speaking in tongues. Or, add a pickled pepper or two and become one with the espiritu santo.

Hellfire Club Bloody Mary Mix contains 25 delicious ounces and creates 6-8 cocktails.

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