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Jaipur Ginger Margarita - 16oz.

Jaipur Ginger Margarita - 16oz.


A bright, brawny brew with a spicy ginger bite, a swig or two of this energizing elixir and you’ll be ready to ride with the Rajputs.  Let the restorative and awakening powers of turmeric and ginger combine with the magical flavor of tequila to transport you to the splendor of the legendary Pink City . . . as Jaipur has been known since the time when its maharaja ordered the entire town painted in that traditional color of hospitality to welcome the visiting Prince of Wales.  I’ve never known a person who refused this princely potion. Nor would I want to.

Jaipur Ginger Margarita Mix contains 16 delicious ounces and creates 6-8 cocktails.

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